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Will Slota is a wine connoisseur and co-founder of Chorus Vineyard, located in Napa Valley, California. Like many who grew up in the Napa Valley, Will always dreamed of becoming a winemaker. Will and his best friend, Robert Stasko planned to start a winery together while singing holiday carols in the Napa High Choir. Beginning in 2007, the life-long friends finally set forth to turn this dream into a reality.

Starting small out of the garage, Will and his friend began experimenting with wine production using barrels donated to them from other wine producers in the area. He admires the friendly-nature of the wine community, as other producers in the area are always looking to help each other out.

Nowadays, Chorus Vineyard prides itself on its premium small lot wine production with an intense focus on quality. To date, Chorus was cellared 100% Napa Valley AVA wines in the 2007, 2008 and 2009 vintages. Chorus harvests and crushes all of its grapes in the Napa Valley in shared production facilities at Razi Winery. The Chorus Vineyard philosophy is to produce and sell the highest quality product possible and to make consistent quality their hallmark.

For Will, the winery is an incredibly rewarding opportunity as it allows him to make something tangible that he can share with family and friends as well as other wine lovers around the world. Furthermore, he is truly passionate about the evolution of the vineyard and learning about ecological progress and chemical composition of the wines.  

Will Slota invites all of those who are interested in learning more about Chorus Vineyard to come by for a private tour and tasting on their next visit to the Napa Valley. Chorus Wines are also available for purchase online.

Professional Background


Will Slota is an accomplished financial services professional with over sixteen years of experience serving as a financial analyst and hedge fund manager for private equity and management consultant firms. Will has recently transitioned into the technology startup industry, helping with financial and operational affairs for developing companies.  With a diverse skill set and experience launching, managing, and advising SMEs and venture capital companies, Will is passionate about capital raising, prudent financial planning, and business innovation.

He currently serves as the Vice President of Finance for Metadata, a company that provides B2B marketers with simple prospect database enrichment using over 150+ data signals to give businesses greater insights into their current prospects, and easy to implement micro-targeting strategies for prospective new customers.